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Digital Health Liaison (f/x/m)
Market Access
  • Berlin, Germany
Regulatory Affairs Manager (SaMD) (f/x/m)
  • Berlin, Germany

About us

What we stand for

We're the first digital health application for migraine that has been officially approved in Germany (and the 7th overall)! We are currently over 20 people in our team, working together to develop the best app for headache and migraine. Many of us have first hand experience of living with migraine and/or other chronic illnesses, which has lead us to think about work, and our company-wide work culture, in depth.

Our Values Task Force has identified the following values as central to our mindset: 

Personal growth
We want to give you responsibility so you can thrive both personally and professionally. We will nurture your skills, satisfy your aspirations, and give you the opportunity to introduce your interests to your work life.

Our joined vision is a world without headache. We want to improve care for people with headaches and migraines effectively and long-term, to make their lives easier. To achieve this lofty goal, we work together, structured and systematically.

Health doesn’t start with the app, but with a forward-thinking way of life. This is why we foster a work environment that facilitates and encourages a culture of wellbeing, both mental and physical. This includes flexible working times and places, and a collaboration between colleagues centered on mindfulness and mutual care.

Love for Science
We work for and from science. Clinical effectiveness and a strong scientific backing are central to our product and our process: we act based on data-driven decisions, and are invested in furthering research by collaborating with renowned partners.